The remarkable plant diversity that characterizes Greece has been for long the focus of intense scientific interest. PhytoKaryon was conceived and built as an online database that will allow the accumulation of karyological data from all available bibliographical references concerning Greek flora.

The database currently includes 3281 records that correspond to approximately 1500 plant taxa of Greece. Each entry provides information for each karyological record as it appears in the original publication on taxonomy, chromosome number, karyotype morphology, specimen details, information on collecting locality of the studied material, IUCN status and reference details. PhytoKaryon will be used extensively in the future for continuous recording of all plants (~6.500 species and subspecies) of Flora Hellenica.

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University Of Patras

Professor Emeritus, PhD, University of Patras
Member of the Hellenic Agriculture Academy
President of the Management Body of Aenos National Park

Botanical Institute, Section of Plant Biology, Department of Biology, University of Patras, 265 00 Patras, Greece (Hellas)


Agricultural University Of Athens

Assistant Professor, MSc, PhD

Laboratory of Systematic Botany
Faculty of Crop Science
Iera Odos 75
11855 Athens


MSc, Computer Science Teacher

Experimental Primary School of the University of Patras, 26500 Patras, Greece (Hellas)


MSc, PhD candidate

Laboratory of Systematic Botany, Faculty of Crop Science, Iera Odos 75, GR-11855 Athens, Greece


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